“Our goal is to fashionably distinguish each patron so that their presence in any space, will leave an indelible mark through the expression of colour and the impressions of a paintbrush.”

Nontokozo Mangquku • Creative Director

Lalli Luxury

It was in 2018 during a group research project in my Master of Business Leadership studies that I obtained in-depth knowledge of the business opportunities in the e-commerce space. I knew then that this was one of the spaces I had to play in.

With my upbringing in an entrepreneurial home, my grandmother had a thriving fashion house. Pieces of fabrics, scissors, pattern cutouts from brown paper became part of my toy collection. My weekends were spent out on the road selling the garments in various townships. I was responsible for keeping the books for the business, together with my grandfather.

I not only derived a fashion sense from my grandmothers business, but I also learned the business of fashion from the dusty streets of the township. It was therefore a natural gravitation to find myself in the fashion industry, which I then fused with the knowledge I gained from my studies.

Lalli’s apparels are a fusion of high-end fashion items and hand-painted artworks. Our brand seeks to promote and affirm every individual’s unique identity and sense of style.

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